27 April, 2020

Nesting Time

Lots of birds nesting around our garden this year. Nearby cats have moved out and the birds have moved in.

We've watched them collecting nesting material and now they are collecting food. Looking forward to seeing some fledglings soon.

3D Printing Face Shield Parts For NHS

These headbands and chin reinforcements are a design by Prusa and accepted by the NHS. After printing they are sent off to Solid Print3D where they are sterilised, have the visor and  strap fitted then distributed to the NHS.

12 April, 2020

Wonder we didn't find an anaconda!

Well it was like as rain forest down there. We will never be bored with this isolation, there's so much to do that we must do, long before we get around to doing what we want to do.

10 April, 2020

38 years

Lovely sunny day on 38th wedding anniversary. Enjoying pre dinner drinks in the garden.

08 April, 2020

Unusual weather

Lovely hot weather with clear blue skies, blossom everywhere. We are allowed to go out once a day for exercise. On this occasion I only went to the letter box, all the same I was able to snap this blossom.

28 March, 2020

We are coping

Social distancing and self isolating started a week or so ago and was enforced by the government just a few days ago, on 23rd March. It's going to be hard but so far so good.

07 March, 2020

Pack horse bridges

AKA, Roman Bridges that cross Hockenhull Platts near Tarvin.

I visited there to take photos with my SLR because it was a sunny day but by the time I got there the sky was grey. I had to wait for an hour before the sun came out again.

Prior to this visit I last vsited the bridges with Hilary in 1990, about the same time of year when she was pregnant with Emma.

That wasn't the first time I'd been there though. When I was at Christleton Secondary Modern, the route over the bridges was a quick way of getting home on my bike, via Waverton & Tarvin at each end (Platts Lane).

29 December, 2019

Mains Water Burst

Just what we needed between Christmas and New Year!

See how the drive along the side of hedge is lumpy, that's where the main water flow from the burst just beyond th end of our drive was. The damage was much worse than this photo shows. First we knew about it was when the United Utilities insurance assessoer woke us p at 8 in the morning to tell us how hey were going to put everything right.

Some water flowed into the garage causing a little bit of damage but the real bad thing was that it soaked the wing roots of my Sportster RC model aeroplane. The effect of this was to render the whole aircraft useless - they don't fly well without wings!

25 August, 2018

RC Hotel

Enjoying a visit to the RC Hotel at Corfu. Everyone here very friendly and lots of models to fly.

16 October, 2017

Ophelia Colours Our Sky

Hurricane Ophelia picked up dust from forest fires in Portugal and spain, together with dust from the Sahara Desert and headed for the United Kingdom as a storm. Here in Middlewich there were a few drops of rain from time to time leaving dirty dusty deposits on our cars; the effect in the sky though was quite spectacular.