31 July, 2016

A Nice Calm Summer Evening

A video I made a couple of weeks ago one evening at Ashcroft Airfield. Having flown my 'proper' models I committed my old GWS Tiger Moth to the air.

A fairly calm evening settled down to flat calm. The hot air balloons in the distance went up and down but didn't appear to make any movement over the the ground. I'd been flying various models all day and this was just a nice way to finish off as the sun started to set. The sunshine on various parts of the field made for bumps of rising air, particularly noticable when passing from the rough grass to over the airstrip. This Tiger Moth is an indoor model but if the bounces and breezes are accepted it will fly in a wind up to around 8mph.

The horse flies where enjoying having me for their evening meal which was quite a distraction whilst flying such a light model, they seemed to know when I was trying to pay extra attention to landing! It will take off from shortish grass but this evening the grass was more longish, so hand launches were necessary.

23 July, 2016

A View Of Northwich You Don't See From The Road

Out on our bikes again, leaving Middlewich along the Shropshire Union Canal then by road into Winsford to join the River Weaver and on towards Northwich. I was aware of the Weaver Shipyard from my days working in Northwich but only in as much as can be seen from the road, which isn't much.

The made up path along the River Weaver is a also a cycle route and so our journey along the River Weaver revealed views neither of us had ever seen before.

When we arrived in Northwich we stopped off for something to eat at Kanya in the High Street. I had a seafood salad which was very good. To be honest I've forgotten what my wife had but I do remember she enjoyed it. Decent cup of tea too.

For our return trip to Middlewich we passed through Rudheath to the Broken Cross pub where there is easy access to the Trent and Mersey Canal. The tow path was a little muddy in places but considering all the recent rain wasn't too bad. A bigger problem was the amount of overgrowth that in places reduced the width of the path to a few inches, which as we were wearing shorts left us with a fair number of nettle stings. If last year is anything to go by this going to get even worse yet. Anyway we made it back and as it was such a lovely hot day we stopped for a well deserved thirst quencher at the Big Lock before finally heading home.

18 July, 2016


Cosford large model show last weekend and as usual it didn't disappoint.