10 June, 2020

3D printing with nylon

Printing with nylon can be very tricky so I did a lot of research before trying it. All the same my first attempt at the white servo arm failed to stick to the print bed.

The second attempt worked and now it's time to print the blue (PLA prototype) mount in nylon.

Being able to print with nylon opens up so many opportunities to print strong durable parts with confidence.

01 June, 2020

First Day Out Since Coronavirus Measures

Last year my trainer made it's final and unplanned vertical landing 😲. That shortened it considerably and what could be saved was consigned to the spares store. I'd flown it for 16 and as I always like to have a trainer to play with I sought a replacement, which courtesy of a seller on Ebay I bought one. This involved a trip to Blackburn on 31st May 2020; our first journey anywhere since the coronavirus measured were introduced.

As this wasn't very intersting for my wife we coupled it with a visit to Ribchester on the way there and Whitewell on the way back.

At Ribchester we went for a walk in the countryside and had a picnic on a hill overlooking the River Ribble. We made our way back to Ribchester alongside the River Ribble and on the banks we were lots of people enjoing the sun.

After the visit to Ribchester, we made our way to Blackburn to pick up the model aeroplane (more on that in other posts).

Whitewell was a very nice place to stop for an hour. Not a lot there really, a big hotel, another river, some countryside and only a few people moving around; just right!

To end the trip very nicely, Hilary spotted this chap at the side of the road. It's a snipe, they usually remain well hidden but this one must have fancied some sunshine.