22 October, 2012

Bye Bye Olympus OM 35mm SLR Equipment

Its been hard trying part with my 35mm SLR and it's associated lenses etc. but the time has now come.

First to go is this 50mm Zuiko Lens
Looking adoringly at my much loved old equipment, like my Olympus OM20, it's hard to part with it and a less sentimental look at the facts was needed:
  • It's about three years since I last used up an old out of date roll of film.
  • I'm not likely to have a roll of film to hand should I decide use it one day and would have to go out and buy one.
  • Economics don't add up.
  • I can get better results with my Olympus E420 - and I can know that's the case before I leave the scene of the photograph.
  • Saving it all for it's future high antique value will be a long wait.
  • 35mm cameras are still in use so I might as well get what I can for it and let someone that will enjoy it do so.
  • Finally, really, am I ever going to use it all again?
It's the last point that does it. There is no likelihood of me using 35mm camera equipment again and as I said in opening, the time has come.

So up for sale first is my standard 50mm Zuiko lens. No doubt I will be disappointed with the auction price it goes for but fixing it at a value that it is actually worth is unlikely to gain a sale at all.