11 February, 2011

Charity Mass Build 2011

The model aircraft magazine Radio Control Models and Electronics (RMCE) has a web site (www.modelflying.co.uk) which in turn has a forum. To cut a long story very short, some members of the forum came up with an idea for a mass build of a model aircraft in a set time frame. Then with the support of Steve Webb models at Frodsham in Cheshire (http://www.stevewebb.co.uk/) the idea then came forward to make it a charity event mass build of the"Webbit" model aeroplane. The charity that will receive the donation is Arthritis Research at £5.00 a model. Pretty good going! 

Later came the suggestion of having T shirts to mark the occasion and that was proving somewhat problematic. Again to cut a long story short, IPJ Aeroshirts has applied the Mass Build logo to a number of products the entire profits of which will be donated to the same cause.

If you would like to know more about the Charity Mass Build 2011 then follow this link: