27 November, 2015

Back On A Slope At Last

My good friend Martyn Kinder wanted to design and build an aerobatic slope soarer which has the appearance of a modern moulded plastic missile but is actually constructed using traditional balsa/spruce and perhaps some glass cloth. 

Recent interest generated in Slope Soaring at our local club (South Cheshire RCS) helped fuel desire. And though not on our doorstep we are nicely located between the Peak District and the mountains of Snowdonia and of course the Great Orme. Our nearest slope is Bosley Cloud on the edge of the Peak District so that is where the Maiden flight took place. There's blog for the build of this model at http://www.modelflying.co.uk/forums/postings.asp?th=106263

Not having been on the slopes for some months and knowing there's afew rocks up on the top of Bosley Cloud I decided to play safe and take a coupkle of tough models, my SAS Fusion and HK Wicked Wing. I was particularly keen to fly the Wicked Wing because I have had a lot of trouble with the servos coming loose, which made for some pretty "interesting" flying. I have now glued the servos in with UHU Por contact adhesive and that seems to have done the job. So here's a video briefly covering our day: