29 May, 2011

Webbit Completed

Here is my completed Charity Mass Build 2011 Webbit. Since its a bomber variant I've decided to call it the Webbington Bomber.

It's powered by an AP15 glow engine turning a 9x4 prop to a maximum of 10500 revs. The airframe itself is a combination of ply and balsa. I am using my Hitec Eclipse 7 2.4ghz system for radio control of the aircraft's "New Power" metal geared servos. The servos connect to Sullivan snakes to operate the control surfaces and a lighter nylon snake for the throttle control.

As mentioned in a previous post the undercarriage was custom made for me by TBG Bradwall Plastics Division and has a slot in the middle through which my bomb release mechanism can pass. The bomb release works fine and the bomb is loaded with a small quantity of baking flour which is released when the bomb strikes the ground.

I haven't flown it all the way to an empty tank yet but the flight duration will be around 8 minutes.

The maiden flight was a bit hairy as it seems to be quite sensitive on the elevator but now I've adjusted for that it's okay but the engine could do with moving a little to give a few degrees of down thrust.

The big test will be at Greenacres Model Aero Club 25-26/06/2011 when we are going to have a mass fly of Webbits involved in the mass build.

17 May, 2011

My Webbit gets it's legs

A chance conversation with a fellow Charity Mass Build 2011 Webbit builder, John Thompson and his wife Lady Sarah Thompson, has provided me with a tough but slightly flexible undercarrige for my Webbit. 

It turns out that John runs his own GRP business TBG Bradwall Plastics Division and so naturally chose GRP as the material to use for his undercarriage and made one for me too. As you can see I have just been to collect it. The red undercarriage on John's Webbit is the prototype and I asked for mine in black to match my aeroplane.

This one was custom made for me with a slot in the middle through which my bomb release mechanism can pass. 

If anyone else would like one then contact John with details of your requirements. Likely cost is around £3.00 to £4.00, depending on the work involved.

TBG have a lot more plans for GRP products in a wide range of markets and seem to be able to make just about anything but sticking to the theme of radio controlled aircraft he showed me the prototype moulding for GRP spats which he is going to produce in a range of sizes and these too will carry a very attractive price tag. There's more! He is also working on a very wide range of cowls which should be hitting the market before too long.

TBG Contact Details: