29 May, 2011

Webbit Completed

Here is my completed Charity Mass Build 2011 Webbit. Since its a bomber variant I've decided to call it the Webbington Bomber.

It's powered by an AP15 glow engine turning a 9x4 prop to a maximum of 10500 revs. The airframe itself is a combination of ply and balsa. I am using my Hitec Eclipse 7 2.4ghz system for radio control of the aircraft's "New Power" metal geared servos. The servos connect to Sullivan snakes to operate the control surfaces and a lighter nylon snake for the throttle control.

As mentioned in a previous post the undercarriage was custom made for me by TBG Bradwall Plastics Division and has a slot in the middle through which my bomb release mechanism can pass. The bomb release works fine and the bomb is loaded with a small quantity of baking flour which is released when the bomb strikes the ground.

I haven't flown it all the way to an empty tank yet but the flight duration will be around 8 minutes.

The maiden flight was a bit hairy as it seems to be quite sensitive on the elevator but now I've adjusted for that it's okay but the engine could do with moving a little to give a few degrees of down thrust.

The big test will be at Greenacres Model Aero Club 25-26/06/2011 when we are going to have a mass fly of Webbits involved in the mass build.

Here's a video of the build: