15 December, 2010

15% Discount On all Orders

Free P&P has finished for the time being so here's another special offer instead.

12 December, 2010

Christmas Best Sellers at IPJ Aeroshirts

Hot sellers in this cold season are:
  • F1 Racing car designs,
  • Cessna aeroplane designs,
  • Extra aeroplane designs,
  • Tornado aeroplane on finals design,
  • Hooded sweatshirts and
  • Cooking aprons.

Happy shopping and happy Christmas from IPJ Aeroshirts.

A few examples for you: 

07 December, 2010

01 December, 2010

IPJ Aeroshirts Free Delivery

From 1st-14th December use the voucher code GIFTS2010UK when the order value is over £30 and shipping will be free.

09 November, 2010

New Aero Products at IPJ Aeroshirts

New products have been added to the Aviation, Radio Control and South Cheshire Radio Control Society categories at IPJ Aeroshirts. 

They are on the themes of "I'd rather be [RC] flying" or having the option of adding custom text which could be some other statement, name or even a club name.

For those that prefer something simpler there are also products with a variety of aeroplane logos.

There's more than T Shirts, there's longsleeve shirts, polo shirts and winter warmer hats that have also been added to favourites such sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps and a range of other gifts such as lanyards & mugs.

Ladies needn't miss out as a number of products have been suitably redesigned to suit.

12 October, 2010

71" Seagull Models Pilatus PC9

Since last Christmas I have been preparing this model for flight. One of the biggest holdups was that the fuel was syphoning out of the tank and flooding the inverted SC FS180 four stroke engine. That has now been resolved.

That means that today I have been able to tune the engine and commit to the air for a maiden flight. The flight was intentionally short, serving just totrim the controls, test the stall and of course land. 

27 September, 2010

Spa Sounds

Not so long a go I was fortunate enough to visit Wrenbury Church where my brother and his wife were setting up to record a live performance later that evening. It was a good opportunity for me to take some publicity photographs of Michael & Julia's 'Spa Sounds' at work which I hope they will find useful. 

The state of the art recording equipment was very interesting and I was able to observe the numerous adjustments he was making to the sound quality whilst the choir was practicing. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the live recording session but I have heard the resulting CD and whilst I'm no expert  I would still say it was very good quaility indeed.

22 September, 2010

IPJnet Web Design - keeping busy

More work for Middlewich Town Council on their web site, Middlewich Heritage & moving Middlewich Vision to the MTC site has kept me quite busy. On top of that  Middlewich Clean Team have been busy and as result there has been plenty to do on their web site too.

The SCRCS web site is fine but I've a lot of ideas for improving that so I'll fit that it when I can.

Looks a new project is on the way, no names at the moment but discussions with the owner of narrow gauge railway have lead to a request to develop a web site, just waiting for a signature on the contract... Details in due course!

13 September, 2010

Delyn Traplet Unlimited Scale Flying Competition

Well in my last post I hoped for calm weather for my SE5a and what did we have? 14 mph base wind and 28 mph gusts that's what! My friend Mike Amphlett, who took a very nice large spitfire & myself had to consider whether to take part or not.

The winds have not been kind to us this year and consequently my windy weather flying skills are not bad, all the same I had to make a practical decision between the wish to take part and the ability of the aircraft & myself to safely take to the air. The Delyn field is more open than I'm used to and so is not subject to as much turbulence as my home field so that was cause for being optimistic. I kept an eye on the wind sock during the setting up period, in particular how savagely it moved about and really it wasn't that severe.

01 September, 2010

SE5a to fly in the next scale competition

There will be another scale flying competition at Delyn, North Wales on 12/09/2010 which I am intending to compete in. This time I will be flying my old and trusted Ripmax SE5a which I have been flying for about 6 years now.

I recently gave the model a refurb and fitted a few extra scale like features absent from the original. It is fitted with an SC52 4 stroke engine which is perfect match power wise and sounds great. It has (touching wood) been extremely reliable; I have only adjusted the fuel mixture very occasionally in all the years I've had it though I think that the valves are now in need of adjustment so I'll look at that very soon.

Compared to the Stampe RV-4B this is a much smaller model and doesn't cope with the wind so well, so I'm hoping for some calmer weather this time.

17 August, 2010

Vanguard Workwear - Update

My credit card company has succesfully got my money back.

I ordered the same overalls from C.J. Safety Ltd via Ebay and when the delivery date had passed I emailed them to regarding the non delivery. I received a polite reply offering a better quality product in it's place and that I should confirm that was my wish in a phone call to them. I phoned and the overalls arrived the next day. Excellent! Things don't always go right but when the retailer concerned then takes repsonsibility and promptly sorts it out then I'm happy. Vanguard should have done the the same, they didn't, so in future in it's C.J. Safety for me.

19 July, 2010

Vanguard Workwear

I recently had dealings with Vanguard Workwear that were far from satisfactory. It seems that others have had problems too - see http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=2298873

The matter is now being followed up by my credit card company.

The sequence of emails below illustrate what happened to me.

14 July, 2010

Unlimited Scale Model Flying Competition

On the 11th July 2010 we held the Traplet sponsored Unlimited Scale Flying Competition at our field. The weather was dry but the wind was stronger than we hoped for or expected. There were some other snags too but all the same the event went ahead and was very successful.  The judge, Phil Kent, made it clear from the outset that though this was a competition it was just as much about enjoying ourselves as anything else. The friendliness of the visiting pilots contributed greatly to the pleasure and they were certainly a calming influence on those of us that were new to performing in this way.
There were 11 entries, which is about average for these events and certainly a good number given the conditions. As anticipated the more experienced pilots scored the highest but we were prepared for that with the Dave Cruickshank awards for the highest scoring participants new to scale flying competition.
Thanks to all those involved in competing, spectating and organising. A good time was has by all. Ultimately the greatest appreciation & applause should  go posthumously to Dave Cruickshank as it was he that set out to bring the event to SCRCS and it would not have happened without his involvement. Well done Dave.
Results as follows:
1st place Richard Thomas,  Stuka.
2nd place Collin Terry, Lil Toot
3rd place Graham Green,  extra 260
Dave Cruickshank Memorial Award Winners:
1st place  Martin Coles,  Spitfire
2nd place Pete Daniel,  Extra
3rd place Mike Amphlett,  Spitfire

A report on this event is also in the Best In Scale pages of the October 2010 issues of Radio Control Model World.

09 July, 2010

Getting Ready For Competition

South Cheshire Radio Control Society is running it's first ever Traplet Unlimited Scale Flying Competition on 11th July 2010.

My friend the late David Cruickshank wanted me to fly his 1/4 scale Stampe biplane in the competition and I will do so. I need some practice but it's coming along ok.

07 July, 2010

Cheshire Show Success

Together with other members I went to the Cheshire Show 23-24/06/2010 to celebrate & promote 10 Years of the Mid Cheshire Barn Owl Conservation Group.
Our display won the award for the best display in the marquee.

24 June, 2010

Crack Willow

The crack willow tree in the back garden grew too big so unfortunately it had to go. I was glad that Robert Williams was able to come and do the job for me.

14 June, 2010

New Designs at IPJ Aeroshirts

Something of a departure from my usual photographic designs, these new ones are more arty with many layers and effects being used to create surreal images over a range of about two dozen products. A few samples chosen at random are shown here.
I quite like these designs and will probably do some more in this style.

21 May, 2010

MTC Switched On

Sarah Bagnall, the Admin Assistant at Middlewich Town Council contacted me a few days ago to say that she had prepared enough content for the Middlewich Town Council web site to go live and I launched it a few hours ago. This has been a very pleasing project and it's good to see it up and running. (www.middlewich.org.uk)

27 April, 2010

SCRCS Open Day

Our club (www.scrcs.co.uk) held an open day on 25/04/10 and in the last two events I've flown the SE5a amongst others. This year though the wind was across the strip and just a little too gusty at first. Towards the end of the day it calmed a little so I took the SE5a up several times only to find on some occasions it was just as windy as it had been earlier and it managed fine. I even took the foam ducted fan EF2000 up in a fair breeze and it was ok. So I ended up flying but I wish I'd ventured out earlier when the were more visitors present.

With the assistance of other family members and donations of cakes I ran an MS Society Cake Break stall. The Cake Break is an MS Society annual fund raising event and this year we raised £49.35. A little down on last year but none the less very welcome. Thanks to all concerned.

12 April, 2010

Photography - a developing interest!

I first took a more involved interest in photography in the 1980's with my first SLR an Olympus OM30, a not so common camara from the OM range which featured a few not so common features including an 'in focus trigger'  and the ability to take early autofocus lenses. I set up a dark room in the loft and had some success with that but by the mid 90's it was clear that the future lay in digital cameras, however they were not yet sufficiently developed and those that claimed to be 'professional' quality were extremely expensive. 

At long last I have a digital SLR, an Olympus E420. It's not a top of the range camera but it does have a lot going for it and is a big step up from the Fuji S602Z bridging camera I had been using as an interim measure. Here's a photo I took of some of the groynes at Happisburgh last February with the Olympus DSLR.

06 April, 2010

IPJnet Web Site Completed

I've finished my web site now - quicker than I had planned but when I get the bit between my teeth there no stopping. The blog works fine (as this entry shows) and I have added in a search page to search IPJnet and related sites.

05 April, 2010

IPJnet Web Site

My new web site is not complete but it's already better than the old one and therefore I've uploaded it. There's only a few finishing touches to be done so it's not that premature a move.

This blog hasn't been added to the live version at this moment and the links page looks rather empty. It shouldn't be long until it's fully completed.


01 April, 2010

Replacing my web site...

... and about time too! My old web page is looking pretty dated now and I need it to be a better reflection of what I do so a new web site it has to be. It should be ready soon.

I haven't been idle though, I've got myself a NAS box and a WiFi print server. They are both now setup and working fine.

24 March, 2010

Expert Patients Course Completed

I am a Volunteer Tutor for the NHS Expert Patients Programme and this week finished another course. It was very rewarding seeing how happy the participants had been with the course and it was quite clear that for some them there would be significant improvements in how they self manage living with their chronic conditions.

23 March, 2010

RC Model Scale Competition

Landed myself with organising the club's scale competition. The committee wouldn't take it on but will give me support and tell me what I can & can't do. I won't fall for this again!

22 March, 2010

Middlewich Heritage Web Site

This Middlewich Heritage Web Site site is coming on well. 

Originally my job was to organise the JOOMLA 1.5 content management system however I have also been involved in creating pages where file conversions have been required, such as Tim Stricklands book "Normans At Middlewich And Venables".

There's more work to be done, however progress to date is very pleasing.

20 March, 2010

SCRCS Web Site

Well the idea of taking a short cut for the South Cheshire Radio Control Society web site and using online "web sites in minutes" was not viable. Since I have a lot of other work on at the moment I didn't really want to spend time writing a full web site but wringing something useful out of the sites was proving even more time consuming. Yes you can knock "something" together quickly but after that - doh!

So www.scrcs.co.uk now exists as a customer build and looks quite good. There's more content to go in, however it's far from empty.

23 February, 2010

Found Some Spitfire Video

Rooting around inside my hard drive I came across a short video I made of the Grace Spitfire ML407 at the Annual Gathering in 2005. Hope you like it.

14 February, 2010

New SCRCS Web Site

Not what you would call a web development as such, more tweaking a freebee to suit but the new web site for South Cheshire Radio Control Society is finished and running.

29 January, 2010

One job finished..

Completed the upload of archived photos for the Middlewich Clean Team today and that should mean that piecing together all the historical information is finished. Just the updates for current & ongoing events to continue with now.

The site is www.middlewichcleanteam.co.uk

26 January, 2010

Cold Weather Model Flying

Took my Fizza out for a fly today. This is a plan build from a RCM&E article and is intened to have an electric motor but mine is fitted with an Enya 09 glow engine. It was a cold day but the air was still and the sun peeped through making it a very enjoyable day.

25 January, 2010

Extra 300s

The Extra 300s was back in the air a few months ago, 'tis a great flyer.

20 January, 2010

The DG1000 still waits

Sadly the DG1000 is still waiting to have some maintenance after it's short maiden flight but I hope to get to it in 2010

16 January, 2010

Did get some flying in though

I have had some flying time in recently as the training requirement has been less. A few old favourites got into the air, including my Hawk & Vampire

Work, Work & Work

Well that web design job I mentioned on 8th April 2009 has certainly kept me busy and there's more work to come so that's good.

I've also several other websites in the pipeline and it's getting hard to find time for RC Flying - that will have to change :¬)