04 September, 2011

The Cloud, Bosley, Cheshire

I need to find a local slope in Cheshire to practice my slope soaring on so that I can visit the likes of the The Great Orme at Llandudno with a little more experience behind me. 

I’ve been looking at “The Cloud” aka “Bosley Cloud”. Well it’s near enough to home but it looks a bit of an aeroplane breaker. It looks to me like landing out will very likely involve a tree somewhere hundreds of feet below and though the landing zones may be heather it seems that at times they may very well be a range large lumpy rocks. I’m not chucking anything off there until I’ve watched how a few others do it first! 

If you click on the image below you should be able to see what I mean. Perhaps someone with some experience of sloping off The Cloud can give me some advice?