05 July, 2012

RCM&E Greenacres Fly-In 23rd-24th June 2012

 (Photo from modelflying website - click here for more)

Despite some problems I did get to fly at Greenacres where I also met up with some familiar faces as well as meeting new friends. 

Things didn't quite go to plan for me for this event. I wasn't too well and this years disappointing weather didn't help either so it had actually looked like I wasn't going to go. The rescue came in the shape of my friend Martyn Kinder, in the black cap in this photo, when he offered me a spare seat in his car for the Sunday. It was obviously going to be too windy for the SE5a and with car space being somewhat limited anyway I decided to take my trusty old Vampire.

Well a cross wind and heavy showers made it tricky to get flights in but both Martyn and I did so. I broke a prop in one landing but I had a spare so no problem there and I finished the day with 4 flights completed. Martyn had brought his Astro Hogs with him and joined in his first ever Fly-in of this type having taken the trouble to get his "A" certificate just before event.

I left my electrics box open in the rain and that ruined my power panel which was something of blow (literally) and I subsequently took out a subscription to the RCM&E magazine which was running a well timed gift for doing so... bet you've guessed it, yes a power panel!

It was great to meet up with friends I had met the previous year, others that I knew only by name from the www.modelflying.co.uk website forum and others that I met this year for the first time. It was good to see the T shirts were a success too.

So despite everything it actually turned out to be a pretty good day.

Lots more can be found out about the event at: