28 March, 2020

We are coping

Social distancing and self isolating started a week or so ago and was enforced by the government just a few days ago, on 23rd March. It's going to be hard but so far so good.

07 March, 2020

Pack horse bridges

AKA, Roman Bridges that cross Hockenhull Platts near Tarvin.

I visited there to take photos with my SLR because it was a sunny day but by the time I got there the sky was grey. I had to wait for an hour before the sun came out again.

Prior to this visit I last visited the bridges with Hilary in 1990,  when she was pregnant with Emma.

That wasn't the first time I'd been there though. When I was at Christleton Secondary Modern, the route over the bridges was a quick way of getting home on my bike, via Waverton & Tarvin at each end of Platts Lane.