04 October, 2016

Long Term Snappers

A few months ago I learned that some other ex-Expert Patient Tutors had kept in touch with each other and formed a small photo club, to which they invited me to join and I was really pleased to do so. They meet at a different venue each month, have a bite to eat and if the location and weather is suitable, nip out to take some photos.

They have been keen to organise a photo day out and in particular on a narrowboat, right up my street but not my canal! This time it was the Macclesfield Canal which I hadn't been on before. So last week we hired a day boat from Heritage Narrowboats at Scholar Green and headed off towards Bosley Locks. There was no intention to get as far as Bosley as they idea was to be able to stop and start at photo locations as and when anyone saw an opportunity, which is what we did. However we did get as far as the last but one winding hole (turning point) before Bosley locks, a distance of 6.25 miles from where we started. An occasional stop for a cup of tea and a picnic were also necessary parts of the trip after all we were out to enjoy ourselves.

Oh the weather, well dry, so that was good. Not cold for most of the day, though we were feeling the chill a bit towards the end and there were also some occasional sunny spells. With trees lining both sides of the canal most of the time the contrast between bright and shadow made getting some photos really quite tricky but we all snapped away and will be posting our efforts to our own private web site.

We all got along well sharing brewing, steering and keeping things tidy so thanks to my fellow crew members for that. Would we do it again, don't see why not!