27 September, 2012

Middlewich Wartime Weekend 21st-23rd September

MK356 provided a thrilling flypast
I was again invited to make a static display of model aircraft as examples of aeroplanes that had featured in the 1st and 2nd world wars. Only problem was that I didn't have suitable aeroplanes.

Thankfully fellow SCRCS members were willing to lend some models, help with the delivery, help with the setting up and generally lend a hand. As a result we had 7 aircraft on display for which I prepared information sheets about the real aircraft and also a few notes about the models.

The models displayed were:
Model Display
  • Supermarine Spitfires (2)
  • Messerschmitt bf109 (2)
  • Piper L4 Grasshopper
  • North American P47 Thunderbolt
  • Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a
This was a Middlewich Heritage Event with re-enactments, exhibitions, displays, activities and entertainment, flight simulator, spitfire static display, military vehicles, stalls and even a flypast by Battle of Britain Memerial Flight Spitfire MK356.

14 September, 2012

New DH 100 Vampire and Slope Soarer

As I'm not buying anymore new aeroplanes this year, here's a couple I have just,  ahem, acquired, oops!

First there's the ducted fan Durafly Vampire. This is made of foam, is lithium polymer battery powered, looks good and sounds good too. There have been some problems with the booms flexing which I have re-enforced with carbon fibre and two of the retractable undercarriage units have packed up which the supplier had agreed to replace. Those issues aside it flies well for an electric "foamie" and I can see it being a lot of fun.

A rather more serious aeroplane the second one. This one I bought second hand and at the time of writing I have yet to fly it. This is a slope soarer of uncertain design but very similar to a Chris Foss Phase 6. I need to fit a receiver and battery, then check the control movements and centre of gravity before venturing out but those matters are straightforward and I'll soon have them done.