22 May, 2009

DG1000 requires 'maintenance'!

Well I finally had a maiden flight with it but it had a massive roll to the right - I hadn't checked the lateral balance. It was a handfull immediatly after launch when it headed earthward standing on it's right wing tip but I caught it in time a flew a few awkward circuit on about 1/3 throttle. When I took the power off to trim it in the glide the weight of the wing took over and down it went. I managed to start to pull up but it did a hard belly strike on the ground. Should repair ok though.

08 April, 2009

IPJnet Web design, a new job.

It's just been confirmed that I am to be a consultant for a large website. I can't give details but it means that I now have as much work as I can cope with at the moment, mustn't complain about that.

It won't earn me a huge amount of money but will help pay the bills!


07 April, 2009

Radio Controlled Motor Glider

DG 1000 motor glider is nearing completion and hopefully the test flight will be in a few days time. All that is left is to fit the motor, rc gear, servo linkages and some decent weather.

06 April, 2009


New product range is avialable at IPJ T Shirt DIY which includes sportswear, recycled t shirts and even underwear. Users can add my designs or upload their own for a trully unique product.

IPJ Aeroshirts

Products left over from Christmas have now all been cleared out from the main IPJ Aeroshirts online shop - now I need to get articles made up for the summer range. Work progresses on preparing special low cost T shirts for a radio control model club.

24 March, 2009

IPJ Aeroshirts updating on BTtradespace

My BTtradespace is looking more promising as BT has recently made it possible to include a lot more content so I've been busy geting on with that (http://ipjaeroshirts.bttradespace.com/) but I'm having probems getting my services to show on the home page though.