19 November, 2020

Biscuits are so sweet

A few weeks ago I made some sort of individual biscuit/flapjack things. They were very nice but we're neither one thing or the other, this time biscuits were definitely on order.

Oats, granola, syrup, sugar, butter, flour and a hint of almond essence all came together to make a batch of lovely biscuits, only four were left for the photo call though!

11 November, 2020

Mill Lane Circuit 22/10/2020

A regular walk.

Dunham Massey 23rd October 2020

During the interval between 1st and 2nd lockdowns we took the opportunity to go on a deer hunt at Dunham Massey.

I was armed with my Nikon digital SLR and Hillary had my old Olympus digital SLR.