10 September, 2015

Airbus Visit

On 5th September my model flying club (South Cheshire Radio Control Society) was invited to make a static display of models at the Airbus factory employees open day at Broughton, Nr Chester.

As a reward we were allowed access to the factory and follow the process of how the wings are manufactured. This is where all of the Airbus wings are made including those for the massive A380 series of aeroplane. The wings skins are held on a series of jigs as they are drilled and riveted by machines and huge cranes move them from one part of the factory to another.


Most wings are flown out on a Beluga aeroplane but the A380 wings are too big and are floated down the River Dee on a barge to Mostyn where they are transferred to a ship for France. Incidently a friend of mine is involved in the manufacture of some of the jigs and cranes, my brother was an apprentice here in the 1960s and my Grandfather was a toolmaker, so I have quite an interest in the site.

We were provided with a good sized fenced of display area and the eight of us set up our models just around the inside of the fence so that they could be easily viewed. We were pleasantly surprised by the interest shown and of course we were only too glad to talk about our favaourite subject. Although the day started off quite cold, once the sun came out it was quite barable and there was good humoured banter thoughout. A break for something to eat provided the opportunity for a quick photo of the team and I think I can speak for all of us when I thank Airbus for the opportunity to attend. I hope they'll have us back another time.

We were also fortunate that some full size aeroplanes present for static display too. Most had already irrived but we were thrilled to see the arrival and departure of the Spitfire PR9 and the Hurricane IIB.

Pictures below from top to bottom are: deHavilland Venom, Hawker Hurricane IIB, Supermarine Spitfire PR9.