25 October, 2015

New Web Sites Launched

As the needs of various organisations vary so do the reasons for having a website and the purposes of those websites.  Although IPJnet Web Developments is my business I sometimes find that organisations that have small budgets need a website creating but cannot afford to pay a commercial fee for one. Of course I don't just knock out free websites as soon as someone asks but where friends and associates are in need I do have a look at what can done.

Seven years ago I created a website for the Middlewich Clean Team and it has served well but the technology behind it was ageing and it could only be updated by me. Reviewing the type of update that were being made to their website it became apparent that most were either news items or photo gallery items - the sort of material commonly associated with with blogs. So the new website would amount to setting up a blog with some extra features. The choice of blog application to use was straight forward as it had to one that could easily be handed over to less experienced users to maintain and Google's "Blogger" fitted the bill nicely. I set up the blogger earlier this year and launched it in March, initially just with links to the old site for content then gradually the content from the old site has been moved into the blog. The same web address www.middlewichcleanteam.co.uk continues to be used so there is no disruption to existing links.

Soon after the completion of the Middlewich Clean Team website a friend asked for help to create a website for the Middlewich Handbell Ringers and it soon became apparent that once again a blog would do the job nicely. Once the details needed for the more or less static pages had been worked out the rest of the setup was straight foward so in June this year www.middlewichhandbells.co.uk was launched.

Finally, this Autumn an idea a friend had about making a publicly available database for researching problems with Radio Control aircraft was launched. This database is still in it's early days so far as content is concerned and we are keen to build up an editorial base of experienced Radio Control modellers. The JOOMLA powered site is growing nicely; it hasn't been cost free as I have had to add some extensions and I'm paying for the hosting so I will probably have to add a "Please Donate" button at some point just to make sure it pays for itself. Since it's about radio control, aircraft and it's a database the website name combines those features and is called RC Aerobase, the address being http://rcaerobase.ipjdev.co.uk/   

An update to my own website is long overdue, wonder when I'll get around to that!