28 February, 2016

Loch Rannoch

February 2015 we were in Scotland at Loch Rannock. Our timing couldn't have been better as there was enough snow to be picturesque but not enough to cause any travel problems. Some days were really sunny and one day was really wet but whatever the weather sent we were able to enjoy ourselves.

We were able to abandon the car on the better days and go for walks. Having had a dodgy knee for quite some time it was a bit of a concern and not entirely painless but I was lucky. My brother, his wife and my wife were all on this holiday and went down with heavy colds. Somehow I didn't; I'm guessing it was somekind of flu and having had my flu jab last October I was protected.

Other days we travelled by car to tour the area and on one day, the rainy day, we went to Fort William by train from Rannock station. The weather for journey was good, but we got soaked while we were there, just the excuse we needed to spend an hour in front of an open fire in a pub to dry off.

As well as getting around we had a whisky tasting, a painting session and a haggis supper. The Haggis supper was at Kynachan Hall, an annual fund raising event for the local community hall. We were made very welcome even though the majority of people there were locals and it was the most enjoyable evening out of the holiday.