26 August, 2011

SAS Fusion, a day out for a maiden.

Following the demise of the JP-Si I needed a replacement soarer. This time I went for something quick and agile, the SAS Fusion.

The SAS Fusion is a development from the popular SAS Wildthing. It has a slightly narrower and thinner wing which makes it faster and more agile. Assembly is very similar to the other flying wings in that it is foam (EPP) that re-inforcing tape is applied to and then coloured tape of the top of that. Control is by the two moving surfaces at the back which combine the actions of elevator & ailerons, these are known as elevons. There's a very small Hitec Minima 2.4Ghz receiver fitted and a 2000mAh eneloop battery pack and that's all there is to it.

So I had it built in a few days and then last week it was time to head for coast for a day for a maiden flight. The Great Orme is one of the best slope soaring sites in the UK and there I meat up with Tim Mackey and a bunch of other chaps.

We prepared for the first launch with Tim taking the Fusion down the slope a few feet and whilst I hadn't actually got shaky fingers on the sticks (we all know what that's like don't we). I was wondering what was going to happen once the fusion left the safety of Tim's grip, which needed to be pretty good as it was already quiet windy. "The zagi had ballooned upwards and behind us before I could even react to it", "will this do the same?" I thought.  So I a little squeeze of down elevator was called for, but how much - then Tim looked at me expecting the nod to launch so I shouted okay and he did it, he heaved it out and let go .
I'd watched the fusion carefully as soon as he started to heave it forwards, it was a good launch with the wings level so no work for me there and the little touch of down elevator I had applied made it sink gently so I eased it off it a little. Then, suddenly an immense feeling of calm came over me - the fusion was flying straight and level out towards the Menai Straits, fantastic.
When Tim came over and joined me we tried it hands off and it climbed a lot so we spent a few moments trimming it and then Tim must have felt tired because he went for a sit down.

I could write a book about the day there's so much to report, the flying, the banter, the combat, oh yes they're coaxing me into that, well more sort of fight or get bashed really.  A brilliant day out flying in 55mph wind (imagine doing that at a club flying field!) and the Fusion was just a joy to fly.
If your are into RC aeroplanes you've just got to try this.

05 August, 2011

JP-Si One and Only Day Out

My JP-Si flying wing looked splendid in it's yellow finish and the black trim was really helpfull with orientation. As planned I took it to the Great Orme, Llandudno on 4th August 2011 for it's maiden flight.

I met up with more experienced slope fliers and gained some good instruction on where the lift was. The wing needed a little trimming but apart from that it flew really well "straight from the box". I was made up with it.

It was great to meet up and make new friends and the flying lasted well into the evening.

Unfortunately distractions whilst packing the car to go home resulted in me leaving my brand new aeroplane in the grass next to the car park. I went back for it later but it looks like someone else got hold of it first. I have reported it to the police at Llandudno. If you come across it then please contact North Wales Police on 101 (in Wales) or 0845 6071002 (from outside Wales)

Thanks, Ian Jones