27 September, 2010

Spa Sounds

Not so long a go I was fortunate enough to visit Wrenbury Church where my brother and his wife were setting up to record a live performance later that evening. It was a good opportunity for me to take some publicity photographs of Michael & Julia's 'Spa Sounds' at work which I hope they will find useful. 

The state of the art recording equipment was very interesting and I was able to observe the numerous adjustments he was making to the sound quality whilst the choir was practicing. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the live recording session but I have heard the resulting CD and whilst I'm no expert  I would still say it was very good quaility indeed.

22 September, 2010

IPJnet Web Design - keeping busy

More work for Middlewich Town Council on their web site, Middlewich Heritage & moving Middlewich Vision to the MTC site has kept me quite busy. On top of that  Middlewich Clean Team have been busy and as result there has been plenty to do on their web site too.

The SCRCS web site is fine but I've a lot of ideas for improving that so I'll fit that it when I can.

Looks a new project is on the way, no names at the moment but discussions with the owner of narrow gauge railway have lead to a request to develop a web site, just waiting for a signature on the contract... Details in due course!

13 September, 2010

Delyn Traplet Unlimited Scale Flying Competition

Well in my last post I hoped for calm weather for my SE5a and what did we have? 14 mph base wind and 28 mph gusts that's what! My friend Mike Amphlett, who took a very nice large spitfire & myself had to consider whether to take part or not.

The winds have not been kind to us this year and consequently my windy weather flying skills are not bad, all the same I had to make a practical decision between the wish to take part and the ability of the aircraft & myself to safely take to the air. The Delyn field is more open than I'm used to and so is not subject to as much turbulence as my home field so that was cause for being optimistic. I kept an eye on the wind sock during the setting up period, in particular how savagely it moved about and really it wasn't that severe.

01 September, 2010

SE5a to fly in the next scale competition

There will be another scale flying competition at Delyn, North Wales on 12/09/2010 which I am intending to compete in. This time I will be flying my old and trusted Ripmax SE5a which I have been flying for about 6 years now.

I recently gave the model a refurb and fitted a few extra scale like features absent from the original. It is fitted with an SC52 4 stroke engine which is perfect match power wise and sounds great. It has (touching wood) been extremely reliable; I have only adjusted the fuel mixture very occasionally in all the years I've had it though I think that the valves are now in need of adjustment so I'll look at that very soon.

Compared to the Stampe RV-4B this is a much smaller model and doesn't cope with the wind so well, so I'm hoping for some calmer weather this time.