01 September, 2010

SE5a to fly in the next scale competition

There will be another scale flying competition at Delyn, North Wales on 12/09/2010 which I am intending to compete in. This time I will be flying my old and trusted Ripmax SE5a which I have been flying for about 6 years now.

I recently gave the model a refurb and fitted a few extra scale like features absent from the original. It is fitted with an SC52 4 stroke engine which is perfect match power wise and sounds great. It has (touching wood) been extremely reliable; I have only adjusted the fuel mixture very occasionally in all the years I've had it though I think that the valves are now in need of adjustment so I'll look at that very soon.

Compared to the Stampe RV-4B this is a much smaller model and doesn't cope with the wind so well, so I'm hoping for some calmer weather this time.