13 September, 2010

Delyn Traplet Unlimited Scale Flying Competition

Well in my last post I hoped for calm weather for my SE5a and what did we have? 14 mph base wind and 28 mph gusts that's what! My friend Mike Amphlett, who took a very nice large spitfire & myself had to consider whether to take part or not.

The winds have not been kind to us this year and consequently my windy weather flying skills are not bad, all the same I had to make a practical decision between the wish to take part and the ability of the aircraft & myself to safely take to the air. The Delyn field is more open than I'm used to and so is not subject to as much turbulence as my home field so that was cause for being optimistic. I kept an eye on the wind sock during the setting up period, in particular how savagely it moved about and really it wasn't that severe.

So I decided that I would take off, fly a circuit or two to see what it was like and if I wasn't happy then I would land. Phew, well, flying was bumpy but I was happy enough with it; the aerobatics were something else though! I could attempt the manouvres and recover the aircraft without any problem but in the terms of performing them as intended in a scale like manner I didn't do very well at all. I flew my schedule for both of the flights in the competition, didn't damage my aeroplane and enjoyed it immensly so I'm happy with that. I'll be more competetive another time!

It was a well attended event and well run too, so the organiseres had done a good job - well done Delyn Model Flying Club.

More photograhs from the day can be seen at http://www.modelflying.co.uk/albums/member_album.asp?a=14089