29 December, 2019

Mains Water Burst

Just what we needed between Christmas and New Year!

See how the drive along the side of hedge is lumpy, that's where the main water flow from the burst just beyond th end of our drive was. The damage was much worse than this photo shows. First we knew about it was when the United Utilities insurance assessoer woke us p at 8 in the morning to tell us how hey were going to put everything right.

Some water flowed into the garage causing a little bit of damage but the real bad thing was that it soaked the wing roots of my Sportster RC model aeroplane. The effect of this was to render the whole aircraft useless - they don't fly well without wings!

01 March, 2019

Just a note about this blog

Now that I've retired again this blog will be more about leisure activities than anything else. I will not be dwelling on my health issues, even though at present I'm having a lot of problems. There's days when I don't get out or am restricted in what I can do, these days come and go with frustrating  regularity and to write about them all the time would be too depressing. A casual observer would not see these and that's okay, I want this blog to be upbeat and full of positives.