29 January, 2010

One job finished..

Completed the upload of archived photos for the Middlewich Clean Team today and that should mean that piecing together all the historical information is finished. Just the updates for current & ongoing events to continue with now.

The site is www.middlewichcleanteam.co.uk

26 January, 2010

Cold Weather Model Flying

Took my Fizza out for a fly today. This is a plan build from a RCM&E article and is intened to have an electric motor but mine is fitted with an Enya 09 glow engine. It was a cold day but the air was still and the sun peeped through making it a very enjoyable day.

25 January, 2010

Extra 300s

The Extra 300s was back in the air a few months ago, 'tis a great flyer.

20 January, 2010

The DG1000 still waits

Sadly the DG1000 is still waiting to have some maintenance after it's short maiden flight but I hope to get to it in 2010

16 January, 2010

Did get some flying in though

I have had some flying time in recently as the training requirement has been less. A few old favourites got into the air, including my Hawk & Vampire

Work, Work & Work

Well that web design job I mentioned on 8th April 2009 has certainly kept me busy and there's more work to come so that's good.

I've also several other websites in the pipeline and it's getting hard to find time for RC Flying - that will have to change :¬)