12 April, 2010

Photography - a developing interest!

I first took a more involved interest in photography in the 1980's with my first SLR an Olympus OM30, a not so common camara from the OM range which featured a few not so common features including an 'in focus trigger'  and the ability to take early autofocus lenses. I set up a dark room in the loft and had some success with that but by the mid 90's it was clear that the future lay in digital cameras, however they were not yet sufficiently developed and those that claimed to be 'professional' quality were extremely expensive. 

At long last I have a digital SLR, an Olympus E420. It's not a top of the range camera but it does have a lot going for it and is a big step up from the Fuji S602Z bridging camera I had been using as an interim measure. Here's a photo I took of some of the groynes at Happisburgh last February with the Olympus DSLR.