27 April, 2010

SCRCS Open Day

Our club (www.scrcs.co.uk) held an open day on 25/04/10 and in the last two events I've flown the SE5a amongst others. This year though the wind was across the strip and just a little too gusty at first. Towards the end of the day it calmed a little so I took the SE5a up several times only to find on some occasions it was just as windy as it had been earlier and it managed fine. I even took the foam ducted fan EF2000 up in a fair breeze and it was ok. So I ended up flying but I wish I'd ventured out earlier when the were more visitors present.

With the assistance of other family members and donations of cakes I ran an MS Society Cake Break stall. The Cake Break is an MS Society annual fund raising event and this year we raised £49.35. A little down on last year but none the less very welcome. Thanks to all concerned.