26 August, 2016

The Suitcase Dwellers and Rob Poole

My friend Pete and I haven't seen much of each other this year so when he invited me over to his place at Afonwen for a barbecue I immediately accepted. Great he said, The Suitcase Dwellers (TSD) will be there. I'd never heard of them so Google soon appeared on my screen. Turns out they've been around for a couple of years and Pete had seen them performing at a local pub, got chatting to them and ended up inviting them to play in his barn at the forthcoming BBQ.

Along came the day of the BBQ and it was a wet one, just what you wouldn't want for a BBQ. Fortunately it wasn't what we got as by evening it started to dry up and there were a few sunny breaks to dry the ground and take off the chill too. After getting fixed up with a glass of party fuel I went off to the barn where TSD were setting up and so was guitarist, Rob Poole. Hay bales to sit on and colourful lighting set the barn off nicely and after catching up with some of Pete's family I went off to see how he was doing with the BBQ. Pete had got things well under way with his self built double BBQ but with around 30 people to cater for her was struggling to keep up with demand, no problem, jacket off, I was soon giving him a hand; I actually can BBQ!

Performance time arrived so it was time to head back to the barn just in time to catch TSD start their set. A very talented duo they are with a style all of their own which I really liked. You can get an idea of their sound from the video clips I made and include in this post. Rob Poole is featured too, he has a fantastic bluesy style combined with a suitably gravely voice. On their own and together the two acts were brilliant and created a wonderful atmosphere for the evening.


Rob Poole
  • Rob Poole is a top-class guitarist based in the Dee Delta of North East Wales and West Cheshire. He revisits songs from the great blues cannon and he plays driving, gritty blues and haunting songs of regret with equal conviction. He has a huge repertoire and, in the great blues tradition, he can keep going all night. He has a well-deserved reputation for being unfailingly entertaining.
  • Website http://robguitarpoole.co.uk/