09 October, 2011

Flying On The Cloud At Last

On the 7th October I finally made it to The Cloud to fly the SAS Fusion.

There I met up with Dave Gilder with his SAS Wildthing. Both of these aircraft are made of EPP foam, consequently there are very tough but fly very well. They are also suitable for combat flying which boils down to trying to hit each other - not for destruction or anything horrible like that - just to score combat points. It sharpens the flying skills & is great fun.

The rocks were nothing like the problem I had expected and indeed the Fusion suffered fewer knocks at The Cloud than it had done at the Gt. Orme - or am I just getting better! 

It was was a great day's flying. There was plenty of wind which was occasionally a bit bumpy but mostly nice and smooth away from the edge. Here's some video that was shot by Dave and myself at various times during the day.

There were some threats of rain and in fact we saw a lot of it coming towards us but it kindly turned and fell on Middlewich instead and we had of it was a few stray drops as the rain passed by.

If you would like to see more photos from the day they are here.