15 October, 2011

It's not all play and no work!

Recent posts have mostly been about my RC Model flying and that has tended over shadow many of my other activities so perhaps I should summarise some of them.

Photography is still a keen interest and I have plans to offer some of my photographs for sale via my web site. The plan is to have a range of images ranging from un-retouched photos to images so highly enhanced that they would more accurately be described as artist’s impressions than natural photographs.

With photography still some time off what is actually happening? Well much of my web work this year has been for Middlewich Town Council/Middlewich Heritage/MiddlewichVision and Middlewich Clean Team though there has been some other confidential work too. As previously reported there was the completion of the Woodseaves Miniature Railway Site earlier this year too. There are several potential contracts underway but of course I can’t mention those any further at this stage but suffice to say there’s plenty of work to keep me more than busy.

Autumn and rainy days are here!

IPJAeroshirts will be the focus of more work during the next few weeks as I gear up for Christmas but in the mean time here are the first announcements of a couple of specials deals:
  1. From 11-18 October 2011 there’s 15% off of umbrellas using the voucher code RAINBOW.
  2. 29—30 October 2011 save the costs of shipping on all orders. Use voucher code WITCHINGHOUR when checking out.

There's more! I also recently attended the Expert Patients Tutor Supervision Day which is necessary to maintain my Passport to Practice as I am a tutor for the Central and Eastern Cheshire PCT Expert Patients Programme (EPP). The EPP is a six week course for anyone living with a long term health condition. The Expert Patients Programme aims to help people with long term health conditions take more control of their health by learning new skills to manage their conditions better on a daily basis.