07 August, 2013

Sea Vixen Airborne At Last

Our Sea Vixens, mine is 133
Last November I ordered a Durafly Sea Vixen which it turned out was not in stock after all. Then early this year it became available again and was duly dispatched.

By this time other projects had been started and though a straight forward assembly was all that it needed the Sea Vixen sat in it's box 6 months or so.

The retractable undercarriage has worked fine, so far.

During this time my friend Richard had decided he fancied one too and consequently my first flight with one of these models was the maiden flight of Richard's model. It was easy to fly, had a reasonable turn of speed and landed easily too. Well at long last, 2 days ago actually, I finally took my Sea Vixen out for it's maiden flight and I'm pleased to say the same characteristics were revealed in my model.
Landing is a piece of cake.

The only problem we have experienced so far is that after recent rain and sunshine our grass strip was very lush which produced problems after it was cut.  The cuttings were of some concern but the residual damp stickiness was more of an issue, preventing the model from picking up decent ground speed for take-off. I managed to get mine away but Richard's tended to veer sideways and the lost speed couldn't be recovered before the end of the strip. I'm sure all will be fine in a day or two.