12 August, 2013

Sloping Off Again

My First Visit to Edge Top 02/08/13
B Test in progress
At last I'm taking advantage of my membership of the L&MMGA

01/08/2013 week I visited "Edge Top" which was a bit disappointing as the promised southerly wind wasn't very strong and it came form ESE. Good job I had taken my power assisted DG 1000 with me. It also gave me opportunity to meet a few fellow members and watch a silent flight "B" test in progress when the wind picked up a little later on.


My first visit to The Gate 09/08/13
Ivan shows how it's done
09/08/2013 I went to "The Gate" - no shortage of wind on this day and it was straight on the slope. I measured the wind speed later in the afternoon, a pleasant 32mph gusting 40mph .

I always have trouble launching the Fusion myself when there's a good blow so Ivan Bradbury obliged.

My first visit to The Gate 09/08/13
With some weight up front it's...
Ivan suggested that in these conditions I should stick some lead on the front so 25 grammes later I gave it go and it was like launching a different model. Odd that I had failed to spot the problem because if I'd seen that behaviour on a powered model I would have soon been on the case of it's sensitive elevator. Anyway, I can take some friendly advice so a big thank you for that, the model has been transformed - by the end of the afternoon I was launching it into the 32mph (gusting 40) wind time and time again just for the sake of it - piece of cake !;o)
My first visit to The Gate 09/08/13

My first visit to The Gate 09/08/13
Sunny skies and...
The wind brought sun & clouds at various times and soon after one launch a pair of ravens joined me. Curious to find out who was following who I circled and the ravens followed so I repeated the circle and the same happened again! There had also been a family of sparrowhawks flying through about 30 minutes earlier. Ah, the great outdoors and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon .

My first visit to The Gate 09/08/13
...threatening cloudy skies in quick succession.

My first visit to The Gate 09/08/13
I got a visit from a pair of ravens too.