29 October, 2014


At our club's open day I was fortunate to win a fantastic raffle prize, a flight in one of our member's aeroplane.

Hilary & I Ready To Fly
This was a Jodel DR1050 and the flight was from Wellesbourne airfield in Warwickshire on 25th October 2014. The day had started quite breezy and wet and though the rain subsided by the afternoon it was still quite breezy; if I remember correctly it was blwoing at 20% to the strip. My wife Hilary came along too and after our pilot, Steve, had completed all the ground checks we set off down the strip. I could certainly feel the breeze as the aeroplane worked up towards take-off speed and then off we went in the general direction of Evesham. Soon after that Steve asked me if I'd like to take control, hah, can a duck swim!

Jodel DR1050
We passed Stratford on Avon on our right, Evesham on our left and continued in the general direction of Pershore until we reached the Stensham Services on the M6 at which point we turned back towards Wellesbourne. Well, I’ve had my hands on the controls of an aeroplane once or twice before but bouncing around in the breeze was a new experience and I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Of course Steve landed the aeroplane, which in the conditions was, erm, rather attention grabbing.

It was a great flight and I'd love to do it again.