19 December, 2014

Would You Visit Middlewich Museum?

Image from Middlewich Heritage
Middlewich has a long history readily traced back through modern history, Norman and Roman times. So why not visit Middlewich Museum? Simple, you can't there isn't one. 

You could be forgiven for thinking Middlewich is that little place that the A54 cuts through however locals can tell otherwise and that's part of the problem. Locally there's a huge amount of articles and data that is inaccesible to the public. Well Middlewich Heritage and other local groups are hoping to this right. Plans are in early stages though it seems that a trust managed museum may be the way to go. To this end a survey is being carried to try to establish what the public feeling is and what would be liked and your participation would be appreciated:
  • You don’t have to be a resident to have a point of view, the survey is for all to fill in. We need the public’s point of view on heritage and on heritage in Middlewich to enable us to work in a more focused way, bring new projects online and make decisions on how we can best serve the public’s needs.
  • The survey will be on line until 6th February and is mainly tick boxes so it will only take a couple of minutes to complete.
  • The more responses we get, means we have more information to guide us with any future plans or fund-raising for the town and the surrounding parishes.
Please use the link below to load the form and pass on the link to others you feel would be interested to take part.
Thank you in advance

As part of the preparations a visit to Ribchester museum was arranged to see how a relatively small museum can be succesful. I was pleased to be involved in this along with half a dozen or so other representaives of local groups. We gleaned a lot ideas and in keeping with the plea above completed a questionare whilst it was all still fresh in our minds.

Archaeological Timeline - Middlewich Heritage

Salt Hot House - Middlewich Heritage

Wardle Canal - Middlewich Heritage

Community Dig Finds - Middlewich Heritage

ARP Wardens - Middlewich Heritage