21 January, 2015

Middlewich and The Great War

I haven't posted much about my working life for some time, as much as anything because I've been busy... working. The bulk of time at the moment is taken up with Middlewich Heritage and building up the Great War project part of their website. It's no small task as the project involved many parts of the Middlewich community and all very thoroughly recorded. This wide involvement produced a massive amount of historical data as spoken words, documents, photographs and video, all of which needs to be added to the website in some kind of order.

Middlewich Town Council and Middlewich Heritage have accumulated a great deal of experience in putting on festivals and the such like, so when the Great War project culminated in the Great War weekend it was no surprise that it was a brilliant success. The weekend generated more material and in addition to involving the community in remembering those that gave so much it invoked a modern day feeling of community too. That must be a good thing.

It's been a bit tricky getting on with all this due to having tendon release surgery on my left hand but I've managed; it's held up my model flying a lot though. So the the plan is to get this work done and then take it a bit easier so that there's some leisure time available.