04 January, 2015

Winter Forest Walk

The New Year came in not too cold, bright and cheerful so an extra day off on 2nd January to enjoy it was hard to deny. A family trip to Delamere Forest for a round trip walk starting from Barnes Bridge Gate on Ashton Road was the order of the day. The trees gave plenty of protection against the light but cold breeze and the sunshine brought out colours not often associated with winter.

It was good to have both of children with us as they have busy lives too and we don't spend as time together as I would like. Our route took us to Blakemere Moss, a small mere in a direct line from Ashton Road to Station Road. A closed path caused us to divert along the side of Blakemere Moss which turned out to be a good thing as it was very picturesque. From there we headed back to and across Aston Road along the back of Hatchmere Wood. A turn west joined us up with the Sandstone Trail and back to Barnes Bridge Gate. A pleasant 3.75 miles, just about the maximum I can manage at the moment. 

The timing was good too, pushing 4pm when we finished with sun just setting and the breeze dropped we'd had the best of the day but I wasn't ready for home so we headed of to the Hollies (a large farm shop & cafe cum bistro) on the A49 at Little Budworth for coffee and toasted tea cake, very nice.

Needles to say I took a photograph or too, it would have been terrible not to record such a lovely day.