02 March, 2016

Model Flying, Great To Be At The Field Again

Wind, rain, a boggy field and a dodgy knee has reduced the amount of model flying I have been able to enjoy this winter. Thankfully there's been an improvement in all of these aspects recently, some sunshine even but the flying strip was still too wet to cut the grass so some suitable models had to be chosen. My hand launch Fizza was built from scratch by me 10 years ago and despite sending 6 weeks smashed up in a tree some years ago still fly's well (after repair of course). 
I'd forgotten what fun a simple model like this can be, it's just a sheet wing with elevator, ailerons and throttle being the only controls. Power is from an Enya 15 BB engine making it quite nippy, yet it glides well - which just as well as it needs gliding down and belly landing at low speed.
I haven't flown a helicopter for months and so I'm pleased to have succeeded flying it and taking home piece. Power for this 450 size helicopter comes from a LiPo battery which provides a flight time of around 6 minutes, it's a good idea to land before that time is up though!