16 March, 2016

RC AeroBase Official Launch

Today sees the official launch of a problem solving internet database for Radio Control modellers, RC Aerobase.

It came about due to the frustration at having to search through many websites to try and seek solutions when if there was a single place to find concise, relevant and authoritative answers life would be so much easier. This website was started in Autumn 2015 and sufficient articles added by 16th March 2016 to go for an official launch. The intention is that it will grow as more volunteer contributors come forward either to enhance existing articles or add new articles.

The originator of this idea is fellow South Cheshire Radio Control Society (SCRCS), Bob Hynes and following much discussion we formulated the framework and production of RC Aerobase website.

The majority of articles have three main features that are present.
  1. The article title is a brief description of the problem as perceived when it occurs.
  2. The body of the article contains the potential cause(s) and
  3. the potential fix(es).
The website is aimed at everyone, regardless of experience or degree of knowledge; all can use it to problem solve or contribute to help others. Indeed we are looking for knowledgeable authors to add their specialist knowledge to a wide scope of subjects.