08 March, 2016

Ravenair Simulator

Landing a Boeing 747

A Christmas present from my wife was to visit Ravenair flight training and air charter at  Liverpool John Lennon Airport for a simulator flight. We took another couple with us so it was a shared experience we all enjoyed. I decided to be a little adventurous had the simulator setup as a Panavia Tornado as used by the RAF, it was quite sensitive on the controls but I did alright until it came to landing - always the painful bit!  I did land on the runway, the last ten feet of it, then through the perimeter fence and followed that with a nice drive through a wooded area. My wife opted for a more gentle Boeing 747 which she enjoyed and landed on the runway without overshooting. Oh well! 

It was great fun but whilst waiting for out turn I couldn't help looking out of the window at all of the real aeroplanes and thinking "If only...."